It’s time to get mindful….together

I realized that I could not teach compassion if I wasn’t showing it to myself. I couldn’t teach authenticity if I wasn’t being authentic to myself. There is no way I could speak kindness if I wasn’t kind to myself. You get the point. It is truly difficult to pour out to others what you don’t have for yourself. I included WITH ME in the name to show you that I am on this journey with you.

Getting mindful means becoming aware of our triggers, noticing and embracing our “flaws” and our strengths, and taking more time being gentle with ourselves. Mindful means learning ourselves from the inside out, saying no when we need to and yes to what we are passionate about. Mindful in accepting where we are while still aiming for who we want to be. Accepting ourselves through our own individual processes and accepting others as they walk through theirs.

My name is Lynell Melra Williams and I am a Mental Health Therapist who wants to let you know that becoming mindful takes being intentional. That means intentionally digging deep inside yourself, intentionally doing the work , intentionally being authentic with you !

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Here is to our journey with being mindful . -LynellMelra

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