Say Goodbye to
Self Sabotage

Therapy for high achieving women who want to break free from old patterns and unleash their full potential.

I work with motivated people who want to progress into their most authentic selves by becoming aware of their patterns and behaviors and the ways that they show up in the world.

Becoming mindful requires being intentional. That means intentionally digging deep inside yourself, intentionally doing the work, intentionally being authentic with you!

I empower and challenge you to become aware of how you show up in the world and challenge you in a carefully created safe, nonjudgmental, and compassionate environment.

This is your space.

If this is you, I invite you to come take a seat- I would love to work with you !

Mental Health Therapist, Workshop Presenter, Corporate Consultant.

Wellness Advocate & Life-long learner

My name is Lynell Williams and I am a recovering high achiever and perfectionist who wants to help you on your journey to balance, fulfillment, and inner peace. 

I know first hand that it is truly difficult to pour out to others what you don’t have for yourself. It is impossible to show up authentically if you are struggling internally. 

I included WITH ME in the name to show you that I am on this journey with you, and I can’t wait to walk beside you.

If you are tired of letting life just happen to you and are ready to intentionally create the life that you want, book a consult call to find out how we can work together!

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